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"to positively influence the wellbeing of animals worldwide"

The Natural Animal Centre has always been a force for good, promoting the ethical application of animal behaviour science to animals in practical ways for over 20 years. Our mission statement perfectly summarises our ethos to animal behaviour modification and training. 

Our animal behaviour courses range from introductory courses for animal owners, up to advanced diplomas for professionals looking to join the ranks of qualified animal behaviourists in the UK and across the world.

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Learn ethical and positive animal training techniques and methods from experts in their field. 


Study ethology to understand your species and their required management at a much greater depth.


Study the art and science of developing behaviour modification programmes that meet the nuances of the issues you are presented with.


Delve deeper into animal welfare and cognition. Learn about the neuroscience that underpins all animal behaviour and learning.

Latest News

July 22, 2022
BRAND NEW Equine Training Instructor Diploma is launched!

We are so excited to announce a brand new Diploma in equine training! This course gives you a unique opportunity to gain a Diploma as an Equine Training Instructor, the first of its kind to meet ABTC standards. You will learn how to successfully apply behavioural science and learning theory to the practice of training […]

June 27, 2022
New Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner Course is launched!

NEW BACH FLOWER COURSE IS RELEASED We are excited to announce a new and updated Bach Flower Remedies: Animal Practitioner course. This course is for existing Bach Flower Remedy practitioners and, in conjunction with your Bach remedy knowledge, puts you on a direct path to becoming a Bach Centre Animal Practitioner. The course is approved […]

June 3, 2022
New Horse Rider's Mechanic Course is Launched!

More Exciting News! Launching TODAY, you will be able to purchase the Equiculture Horse Rider's Mechanic Course on our new custom-built NAC LMS Platform. View the courses available here. We recognise that riding is a part of many horse owners' lives and therefore we feel it is vital that easy-to-apply, effective and ethical information such […]

May 31, 2022
New Equicentral Course is Launched!

Exciting Update! Launching TODAY, you will be able to purchase the Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course on our new custom-built NAC LMS Platform. View the courses available here: The course is for anyone who owns one or more horses/ponies. If you are just starting out or if you have been into horses for many years this […]

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