Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethology

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Providing you with the skills to help improve the welfare of companion animals worldwide

We have a range of self-guided and taught online courses at varying levels that will allow you to gain a sound knowledge of the animal behaviour, welfare, ethology and how it is all applied in practice to not only resolve animal behavioural problems but also to train new and advanced behaviours.

Our courses and qualifications are aimed at animal owners, animal degree students and professionals alike.

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Due to the restructuring of our courses, most of our courses are currently closed for entry. We will be starting to open them again very soon. 
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Animal Training

Learn ethical and positive animal training techniques and methods from experts in their field. 


Study ethology to understand your species and their required management at a much greater depth.


Study the art and science of developing behaviour modification programmes that meet the nuances of the issues you are presented with.


Delve deeper into animal welfare and cognition. Learn about the neuroscience that underpins all animal behaviour and learning.

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