Teach Yourself Horse E-Book Series

Would you like to learn how to understand horse behaviour?

This e=book series takes you through the fundamentals of equine behaviour as it applies to the modern-day horse.

Ready to learn more about horse management and training?

E-Book Series Information

The Teach Yourself Horse series contains two e-books:

  1. Volume 1: Natural Horse Management
  2. Volume 2: Positive Preparation for Training


Volume 1 takes horse owners through the science behind herd behaviour, early development and problem solving. The e-book provides readers with the applied science necessary to understand horse behaviour as it applies to the modern-day domestic environment. 

Volume 2 builds on the information provided on the ethology, herd behaviour and natural management of horses and helps owners learn more about the art and science of training horses. The e-book takes horse owners through the science of operant conditioning and the application of the different types of learning theory with horses. It also helps owners understand the benefits and drawbacks of varying training techniques and provides key examples in both ridden and groundwork aspects. 


Course Syllabus

Volume 1: Natural Horse Management

Herd Behaviour

Early Development

Problem Solving & Case Studies

Volume 2: Positive Preparation for Training

An Introduction to Clicker Training

The Consequences of not using Positive Reinforcement

Comfort Zones and Stretch Zones

Introduction to Riding with Positive Reinforcement

Trailer Loading

Horse Temperaments and Trainability

Payment Options

We have provided you a few different options when it comes to purchasing the e-book series. 

You can either purchase the e-book series as a whole or you can purchase one of the individual e-books.

E-Book Series Price: £20

Volume 1 Price: £12.99

Volume 2 Price: £12.99

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