We are so excited to announce a brand new Diploma in equine training!

This course gives you a unique opportunity to gain a Diploma as an Equine Training Instructor, the first of its kind to meet ABTC standards. You will learn how to successfully apply behavioural science and learning theory to the practice of training horses, ponies and other equids by using a variety of techniques and you will learn how to teach owners and handlers how to apply these techniques too.

The Equine Training Instructor Diploma is formally recognised by the ABTC as meeting their Animal Training Instructor standard and is a pathway for those looking to become a registered ATI for equines with the ABTC.

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new course, we are offering a 5% discount to anyone who reserves their place during the early bird period (ending 1st September!).


We are excited to announce a new and updated Bach Flower Remedies: Animal Practitioner course. This course is for existing Bach Flower Remedy practitioners and, in conjunction with your Bach remedy knowledge, puts you on a direct path to becoming a Bach Centre Animal Practitioner.

The course is approved by the Bach Foundation. On completion of the course, your certification will allow you to join the Bach Foundation Animal Practitioner Register.

As an BFRAP it is crucial that you are able to identify the normal behavioural ethogram for a species so you can separate out the abnormal or negative emotional states which need treating.  By the time you complete the course of study, you will have covered the ethograms for all the species you will commonly encounter in practice & empowered you to derive the ethograms for any other species with a little more research.   It is a truly comprehensive programme founded in pure behavioural science & your remedy knowledge.  Because it has been so carefully refined to meet your needs as a BFRAP, we have been able to keep it simple & as a result, enjoyable.

We provide you with a grounding in animal behavioural science which, when combined with your Bach Flower Remedies qualification, allows you to treat animals as a Bach Centre Animal Practitioner.

The NAC Team

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