New Equicentral Course is Launched!

Exciting Update!

Launching TODAY, you will be able to purchase the Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course on our new custom-built NAC LMS Platform.

View the courses available here:

The course is for anyone who owns one or more horses/ponies. If you are just starting out or if you have been into horses for many years this course is essential. This course challenges traditional outdated methods and offers innovative solutions for the forward thinking horse owner.

We also have another course from Equiculture launching on Friday the 3rd: The Horse Rider’s Mechanic. This course focuses on providing horse owners with the understanding of the fundamental biomechanics required to gain a better ride with their horse.

For now, thank you all for your patience in waiting for our new suite of courses to be released and thank you to Jane and Stuart at Equiculture for trusting us with their fantastic courses.

The NAC Team

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