Teach Yourself Dog

Teach Yourself Dog


With the surge of behaviour ‘experts’ it’s refreshing to find an easy to read book firmly grounded in the science of canine behaviour. It’s concise, covering the conflicts between evolutionary needs & domestic living. It empowers you to find the very best compromises for you & your dog (physically & mentally) introducing positive reinforcement training solutions for common behaviour issues.

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• All dogs have a scientific behavioural repertoire and you will learn to identify which behaviours are normal and hence which are truly abnormal
• There is a set of common needs for all dogs and when these are compromised, even just temporarily dogs become stressed
• Problem behaviours such as aggression, anxiety, over excitement are all indictors of breakdowns in coping and you will be given practical solutions on how to both identify and resolve these
• We will show you how to look at the world from the dogs point of view
• You will gain the benefit from both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course – we will achieve this by working through real live case studies as well as giving you an opportunity to ask questions about specific dogs you know
• You will leave with practical solutions such as Behaviour Modification programmes that you will know how to implement immediately on your own dogs
• Teach Yourself Dog, (written by Heather Simpson) will be a useful reference for the course


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