Here at the NAC, we love to make content accessible to as many people as possible. After all, in order to fulfil our mission statement of "Positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide", we need to make sure the information we have available reaches the owners!

Therefore, we have created a series of FREE Guidebooks that you can sign up and download from our Online Learning Platform. These are short and sweet guidebooks that will help give you concise and actionable information on relevant topics to animal training and behaviour.

Intro to R+: Set up for Success

Would you like to learn how to set your horse up for success when training? Download our free Guidebook to get a quick runthrough the key points to consider when using R+ as a training tool, ensuring your horse has the best experience as a learner.
Download Guidebook

R+ Myth Busting

Want to try using +R training with your horse but you have heard too many 'myths' about how it will turn your horse into a muggy, biting creature? This guidebook is for you. We dispell some common myths using nothing but science and evidence.
Download Guidebook

What is Positive Reinforcement? (R+)

Want to learn more about Positive Reinforcement Training and how you can use it with your horse? This guidebook takes you through the basics of Positive Reinforcement Training, how it works and how you can use it with your hors
Download Guidebook
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