Equine Training Instructor Diploma

The first diploma, specifically for equines, that meets the Animal Training Instructor standard set by the UK Animal Behaviour and Training Council!

This course gives you a unique opportunity to gain a Diploma as an Equine Training Instructor, the first of its kind to meet ABTC standards. You will learn how to successfully apply behavioural science and learning theory to the practice of training horses, ponies and other equids by using a variety of techniques and you will learn how to teach owners and handlers how to apply these techniques too. The Equine Training Instructor Diploma is formally recognised by the ABTC as meeting their ATI Standard and is a pathway for those looking to become a registered ATI for equines on the ABTC register.

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Course starting in December 2022.

Course Information

The Equine Training Instructor Diploma is a UKRS Accredited course and is ABTC Recognised for ATI. This means that on successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to join the ABTC register as an Equine ATI - the first of its kind!

This Diploma provides you with the opportunity to learn how to successfully apply behavioural science and learning theory to the practice of training equines using a variety of techniques and is recognised as meeting the criteria from the ABTC ATI Standard. It is a pathway for those looking to become a registered ATI for equines on the ABTC register.

After completing the course, you will be able to apply to join the ABTC register. Following a successful assessment of the ATI performance criteria, you will be able to join the ABTC Register as a fully fledged ATI.

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Course Specification

Entry Requirements:

You must have at least one year's experience working in the equine industry or owning/caring for horses full-time and/or give proof of a relevant level 3 equivalent qualification.

The relevant level 3 qualification may be, for example, Science, Psychology or similar at A-Level. A level 3 qualification in a relevant subject will be ideal as, having previously studied to level 3, you are therefore likely to get the most out of the level 4 equivalent Diploma. If you are coming from the equine industry without relevant qualifications, we are happy to welcome you.

You must have access to at least three horses for assignment work. If you have any queries about this, please get in touch with us at

Assessment Methods:

You will be assessed through a variety of methods, with 12 assignments throughout the course duration. Assessment methods include but are not limited to:

 - Written Reports

 - Case Studies

 - Video Submissions

All assignments are graded and a percentage is given per assignment. Individual assignment grades are then used to calculate a your final overall course grade.

Academic Level: Level 4 equivalent

Number of Modules: 4

Total Hours: 525 Guided Learning Hours

Course Duration: 1 Year Course

Delivery Method:

The Equine Instructor Diploma is an e-learning based course delivered on our own Natural Animal Centre Virtual Learning Environment. The course includes online content and assignments as well as live lectures, tutorials and discussion groups - providing an inclusive and interactive experience, even when studying remotely.

What does the ABTC say about the job of an ATI?

The role involves planning and managing general training, or training to undertake specific tasks. It includes "teaching owners/handlers how to introduce and reinforce desirable behaviours, how to avoid and/or extinguish undesirable behaviours, ensuring that training progresses at an appropriate rate, goals are met and the training is evaluated to ensure each of the above. This role is teaching the owner/handler to train the animal." - ABTC ATI Standard

Course Syllabus

Our new ETI Diploma has been crafted to provide you with ALL of the knowledge and understanding required to become an excellent and successful ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor for equines.

Module 1

Safety in numbers
Communication methods
Effect of management on behaviour

Module 2

Assessing equines for training
Horse-owner relationship
Owner's needs and goals
Horse's needs
Behavioural priorities
Management as part of the solution
Health and Safety
Training equipment

Module 3

Shaping ladder
Creating training plans
Factors that influence training progress
Setting up horses mentally + physically for success
The other 23 hours in a day
Operant Conditioning
Classical Conditioning
Reinforcement Schedules
Advanced learning theory
Measuring progress
Training techniques

Module 4

Duty of care
Understanding owner motivation
Transactional Analysis introduction
Client relationships
Recognising your own limitations
Building rapport
Business and professionalism

Payment Options

Course Price: £2,950
Price with Early Bird Discount (5%): £2,802.50

Pay a £125 non-refundable deposit to secure your space today. 

Choose from two payment options:
1. Pay full balance on enrolment.
2. Pay remaining balance over 4 monthly payments through direct debit.

Key Points to Note:

 - Enrolment formally opens on the 1st September 2022.

 - You will be sent an enrolment agreement to be signed to formally enrol on to the course.

 - Depending on the payment option you have chosen, you will either be invoiced for the full remaining balance, or you will be sent the first invoice for your first of four payments. This will be taken through our payment provider through Direct Debit. 

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